Debian’s Lenny Installer for release candidate 1

November 17, 2008

Debian has been working on a new graphical installer for several years now, and the result is very nice. There is a release candidate now for Lenny available for those that want to see the installer and have a new version of debian.

As an aside, on my travels people say to me; “I love debian, but the software is so old!” Well, it’s not old, its stable. And if you want the latest just run debian unstable, that is what Ubuntu is built from and I have been running it for a while now (at least one year) and have had very few problems and no show stoppers. So if you want a more recent version of debian, use unstable or testing, and please file bugs if you see them.

One Response to “Debian’s Lenny Installer for release candidate 1”

  1. Great,

    If I only knew a couple of hours earlier. Just installed a Debian 4.0r5 today. But I can scratch.


    …. I will not buy this record. It is cratched 😉