Getting synergy to work on the N810

March 13, 2009

So I have been trying to get synergy on my new N810 and actually have been having a little luck. I managed to create a maemo package or two, synergy and its dependencies. Now I need to get the dependencies that are included in the scratchbox environment into my N810, but at least synergy is there.

synergy on the N810

I’ll have a longer post on how to set it up once I have uploaded the packages and tested. I hope this will be useful, I know I will use it a lot and have used synergy for a while – it is a great tool.

5 Responses to “Getting synergy to work on the N810”

  1. This will be awesome if you get it working and available in extras! This can easily turn tablets into secondary monitors/clients! I can’t wait! Is the plan to get it into extras?

  2. I do hope you package these up nicely and share them when you are done. I use Synergy on a number of my machines and I would love to have it on a spare N800 I have laying around. Would make it a great secondary display to have sitting on my desk.

  3. Hi

    Synergy really rocks, Specialy becasue my n810 passes most of the time next to my pc. I played with the idea to create a quick synergy clone for maemo a while ago.


  4. What about the mouse cursor?

  5. Its there! It sometimes disappears though behind the menu bar.