A call to arms! Maemo community arms that is.

December 29, 2009

Gandhi said one has to become the change that one desires. To enable a change towards more openness, and make community generated bug fixes and improvements available to everyone who wants them, I’ve set up a community repository for updates to software that is not being maintained by anyone else. This repository hopefully can show that we are a committed group who can manage our own software distribution system and work together.

The repo is not yet public. It is currently set up on the new hardware that Nokia has generously provided us. I am looking for brave testers and for packages that might be suitable to put in our community repo. The discussion that was held at the Maemo summit in Amsterdam spoke only about SSU updates and that is all I think is really appropriate at this time, regular packages should of course end up in the usual place: extras. This does not mean that we should limit ourselves to just SSUs, but let’s start there and see what else needs to be added.

I thought I would set up a thread on Talk -> Development where we can co-ordinate our work.

Hope to see you there!

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