Packaging python apps for Maemo

May 14, 2009

I wanted to do a quick blog post with some resources for packaging python apps for Maemo. The resources I’ll post here are going to be debian related since maemo packages are based on debian packages. Later on I’ll go into more detail on the differences between debian python packages and maemo python packages, but I think you’ll find these resources to be useful for getting started or for tracking down a problem in your python app’s deb.

The first resource is a link to the debian wiki entry for the Python Modules Team;

These folks package a lot of python modules for debian, so their documentation will be pretty authoritative and looking at their packages will probably teach you a lot.

The next link is to the Python policy. Boring I know, but you will be directed there for answers to various questions, so you might as well have a handy link to it.

Here is an interesting and pretty darn good screencast and tutorial showing how to package a simple python application as a deb on Ubuntu!

Ubuntu also has a Packaging guide which might be useful, I haven’t read all of it and it is more general than just python programming.

Hopefully that is enough to get started. I hope for follow up with more info on packaging python apps for maemo and for debian.

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